Choose and Book Referrals

In the past when your Doctor referred you to a specialist, the appointment was arranged by the hospital and sent to you by post.  Choose & Book is a service that has been introduced across England that allows you to choose which hospital you would like to be referred to and book an appointment with a specialist.  You can find out more information at www.nhs.uk/yourrightstochoice.  We will provide you with the appointment information which will include a Booking Reference Number and a password.  The appointment information will also include a telephone number you can ring to discuss the choice of hospitals that you have.  You can then choose  date and time convenient to you.  Confirmation of this appointment will be sent to you in the post from the hospital .


Private Referrals

For the patients own expediency they may wish to make their own appointments to see a Specialist privately that the GP has recommended.  Some telephone numbers are listed below. The patients must ensure that the secretaries are informed of the date of their appointment and the name of the Consultant that they are seeing, so that a referral letter can be sent.
If an appointment is obtained at very short notice it may not be possible for the Doctor to provide a referral letter in the time available – the patient should be made aware of this.
Telephone Numbers:
  • Spire Regency, Macclesfield                                            01625 501150
  • BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle                             01614 283656

Services requiring a GP Referral

Services which are not run by the practice but are available in the area and require a GP referral are:           
Podiatry (Chiropody)
Mental Health            
Teenagers Clinic


X-Ray Referrals

When your Doctor refers you for an x-ray, you can choose to attend either Macclesfield District General Hospital or Congleton War Memorial Hospital, depending on the type of x-ray required.