Our Appointment System explained

Our appointment system explained

Our appointments are made up of:

  • Standard clinical
  • Book on the Day
  • Targeted clinical

Standard Clinical Appointments

These appointments are for when you need to see a GP, Nurse, Assistant Practitioner or HCA at some point during the next 2 weeks, i.e. your need to see a clinician is not urgent.

At some times of the year, such as during the winter season, or during school holidays, these appointments are filled up quickly.  Please bear this in mind when calling us.

Some ‘standard clinical appointments’ are available for you to book online.  To use this facility, you need to have online access.  Click here for details.

Book on the Day

If you call the surgery and have a clinical problem which cannot wait for a standard appointment, then the reception staff will book an appointment for you on that day with a GP or nurse dependant on information that you provide to them during the call. 

Telephone appointments are available for those of you who do need to speak to a clinician but do not feel that a visit to the surgery is necessary.

Targeted Clinical Appointments

These are set aside for specific clinics such as: Diabetes; Child Surveillance; Child Immunisations; Minor surgery; Health Checks; New patients; Dressings etc.

They are not available for use for ‘Standard Clinical’ appointments.