How To Treat Common Ailments

ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR OR OTHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL IF YOU REQUIRE MEDICAL HELP, however, for common problems, you may be able to help yourself.  Here’s how:


Don’t forget your local Pharmacy – they may be able to help.  Click here to see how.

Otherwise, try these home pages if you aren’t sure where to start: 

Health A to Z  (NHS)          Click here

NHS Choices  (NHS)          Click here

LiveWell  (NHS)                  Click here

LiveWell  (Cheshire East)  Click here

Seven Steps to Self-Care  Click here

EasyHealth.org.uk              Click here

Here is a list of the common ailments that can be safely self managed. We have grouped together 2 websites that can give you further information about how to manage each condition – NHS Choices and Patient.co.uk. 

Common ailments that can be self managed in alphabetical order:

AcneNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Athlete’s footNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Back painNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Cold soresNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Common ColdNHS Choices patient.co.uk
ConjunctivitisNHS Choices patient.co.uk
ConstipationNHS Choices patient.co.uk
CoughNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Cradle capNHS Choices patient.co.uk
CystitisNHS Choices patient.co.uk
DandruffNHS Choices patient.co.uk
DermatitisNHS Choices patient.co.uk
DiarrhoeaNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)NHS Choices patient.co.uk
EaracheNHS Choices patient.co.uk
GingivitisNHS Choices  
HaemorrhoidsNHS Choices patient.co.uk
HayfeverNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Head liceNHS Choices patient.co.uk
HeadacheNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Heartburn & IndigestionNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Infantile colicNHS Choices patient.co.uk
InfluenzaNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Insect bitesNHS Choices patient.co.uk
MigraineNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Mouth ulcersNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Muscular painNHS Choices  
Nail infectionNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Nappy rashNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Nasal congestionNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Oral thrushNHS Choices patient.co.uk
PsoriasisNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Sore throatNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Sprains and strainsNHS Choices patient.co.uk
TeethingNHS Choices  
ThreadwormNHS Choices patient.co.uk
ThrushNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Travel sicknessNHS Choices patient.co.uk
Warts and VerrucasNHS Choices patient.co.uk

informationWho supplies the information for this website?
There are many sources of information now available to us all on the internet, what we have endeavoured to do with this site is to bring together reliable sources of information from NHS Choices (National Health Service), BBC Health as well as links to patient and carer organisations, charities and others that we feel can be trusted.